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Individual tours

Villa Vizcaya

$250 4 hours
Adults $15
Kids 6-12 $ 6
Kids before 5
Pensioners 62 $10
Students $10
Wheelchairs $10

Villa Vizcaya is an Italian Renaissance-style palace, built by American industrialist James Deering as a winter residence in 1916. James Deering was fond of art and architecture of the 16th century and wanted to build a palace on American soil, as a monument to the culture of other continent and other time. For this purpose he invited as a consultant a young artist from New York, Paul Chalfin, architect F. Hoffman and landscape designer from Colombia Diego Suarez. Together they created an estate that looked as if it had been lived in by succeeding generations of the same family with each generation adding their own period furnishings of the time. Together with Chalfin, Deering traveled all over Europe, visiting old castles, to exactly reproduce the fireplaces decoration, doors, walls, ceilings in the spirit of the Middle Ages. Villa took 5 years to build. The formal gardens were not completed until 1921 due to the outbreak of World War I. During construction, 1,000 workers were employed, representing nearly 10% of Miami's population. Villa was gradually filled with the works of European art, and various relics of the XVI-XIX centuries. Luxurious decor of the rooms of the Renaissance times and gorgeous landscaping with waterfalls, fountains, sculptures made Villa Vizcaya a small medieval island amidst modern concrete jungle. After the death of James Deering in 1926 the remaining staff kept order in the house and cared for the garden. Hurricane of 1926 stroke Villa Vizcaya, damaged utility rooms and gardens. The heirs of Deering contacted Chalfin to help in the restoration of the estate. But after the second hurricane of 1935, most of the land was sold. And in 1952, heirs sold the house and surrounding gardens, and also donated furniture and works of art, provided that the castle of Vizcaya will serve as the state museum. And in 1953 the palace was opened to the public. And in 1994 it was declared a National Historic Landmark. Currently, Villa Vizcaya is owned by Miami Dade County, and is often used for various official meetings, as well as a popular spot for wedding photos. Nearly 200,000 people visit Vizcaya each year including some of the world's leading dignitaries such as President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth of England and King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain, it also held events such as the Summit of the Americas with President Bill Clinton and 34 leaders of the Western Hemisphere. The villa can be also seen in many movies including the Frank Sinatra starring Tony Rome, Ace Ventura, Bad Boys II and many others. In the palace you will see a room that is decorated with tapestries depicting Heracles, music room in the rococo style, which contains a variety of antique instruments such as harpsichord of 1619; French King Louis XV's room of 18th century; bathroom decorated with marble and silver, with both fresh and salt water taken from the Gulf; the Italian Renaissance-style dining-room, with the old table and chairs of the 17th century. There is a central courtyard in front of the villa with a pool and 10 acres of gardens. In the garden you will find mazes, grottoes, statues, balustrades and decorative bins. You can enjoy a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay. Villa is open to the public 364 days a year, except Christmas. Today, Villa Vizcaya is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Miami and a popular spot for weeding photos. Villa Vizcaya is accredited by the American Association of Museums.