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Individual tours

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

$200 4 часа
Entrance ticke:
$12*/adults (с 18+) free for kids before 5

Visitors to the museum are surprised to learn that relations between Japan and South Florida go back to the past. Here a group of young Japanese farmers organized a colony, which aimed to bring revolutionary changes in the agriculture in this sunny state. In 1904, a recent graduate of New York University went back home to Japan, where he organized a group of enthusiasts and came to the place which is now the northern outskirts of Boca Raton. With the help of one of the divisions of Henry Flagler, who laid the first railway in South Florida, they created a colony which they called by Japan's historic name – Yamato. However, the experiments of the colonists were not successful. By the 20s of the XX century, they finally gave up and retreated. However, one of the founders of the colony remained, it was George Morikami. He continued cultivation of local crops, and also was engaged in agricultural products trade. In the mid-70s of the XX century when George was 80 years old, he donated the land where the colony was built to local authorities with a wish to use it so as to preserve the memory of the pioneers of the colony of Yamato. His dream came true in 1977 when the museum became Morikami Museum – the center of Japanese art and culture in South Florida. Today Morikami Museum has various expositions on display in its galleries. Here you can participate in a unique tea ceremony in a specially built teahouse. All buildings in the complex and park facilities are designed in classic Japanese style, and carry the true spirit of Japan. More than 7000 original Japanese art objects and artifacts are represented in the museum. In 2001 a wonderful Japanese park was added to the museum, which embodies the centuries-old park experience of Japan.